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Ecological and Dissident Hosting

Frequently Asked Questions about Ecodissident Hosting#

Please drop us a line at if you have any queries.

There is another set of FAQ's about hosting in Iceland at Green Data Island.

What payment methods do you accept?#

We bank with the Co-operative Bank in Britain and accept UK and International Bank Transfers. UK customers can pay via standing orders too.

On-line monthly card payment via PayPal is available for Virtual Servers and Hosting.

What's the minimum contract period and is there a set-up charge?#

There is no set-up charge and the minimum contract period is a month. However we would like you to stay with us and we are looking at what additional benefits we could offer for yearly sign-ups.

Can I host multiple applications with one database?#

Yes, all popular PHP web applications such as Wordpress allow you to use different a table prefix for each application.

Can I have multiple domain names and sites on one hosting account?#

Yes, you just need to ask us to add additional ones to your account.

Is there any help documentation about using the hosting accounts?#

Yes, we have started a wiki for this and please ask if anything needs adding or even better ask for a wiki account to help add to it!

Do I have to be a dissident to host with you?#


The fact that Iceland generates all of its electricity by hydro and geothermal methods is perhaps a good enough reason for you to consider hosting with us.

Many ISPs that presently offer green hosting run their hardware directly from the grid, which is mostly powered by fossil fuels. Some of these ISPs are planting trees, or adopting forests in an attempt to compensate for this. With Icelandic hosting there is only renewable energy powering your site, with no electricity being generated whatsoever by coal, gas or oil.

What is your acceptable use policy?#

Our purpose is to provide services for socially responsible and progressive groups and individuals.

Ecodissident Hosting is a service provided by Webarch Co-operative Limited see the Term and Conditions, Ethical Policy and the Seven International Co-operative Principles.

Is the connectivity any good?#

This website is running on one of our virtual servers in Iceland. If you want to test connectivity with pings then you can use or use the speed test page.

Why are you offering encrypted servers?#

Because we take the privacy of our clients and their data very seriously.

Running virtual servers from encrypted partitions adds a little overhead in terms of CPU processing, but these overheads are negligible when running on a modern dual quad core server.

The advantage of having a virtual machine encrypted is that your data will be safe even if a malicious agent gains access to the physical machine. For example, in the Italian Austistici/Inventati case, the police powered down an unencrypted machine so that they could get hold of the private SSL certificate that was stored upon it — this server held a large number of websites, mailboxes, mailing lists and Internet services for NGOs, grassroots activists and public interest associations.

What is the specification of the hardware the services will be running on?#

The virtual servers run on IBM HS22V blade servers with storage access to IBM DS3500 SAN containing 600 GB SAS disks in RAID 10 configuration. Each blade server has 12 intel CPU cores.

The IMMI hasn't passed into law, what is the current situation?#

Icleand has been rated number one in the Press Freedom Index from Reporters Without Borders in its first year, 2002 and then again in 2003, 2004; "The greatest press freedom is found in northern Europe (Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, the Netherlands and Norway), which is a haven of peace for journalists", 2005; "At the top of the Index once again are northern European countries Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Norway and the Netherlands, where robust press freedom is firmly established" 2006; "Northern European countries once again come top of the Index, with no recorded censorship, threats, intimidation or physical reprisals in Finland, Ireland, Iceland and the Netherlands, which all share first place", 2007, 2008 and 2010.

What about the impact of hydro and thermal electricity on the ecosystem in Iceland?#

The electricity in Iceland is not produced by the burning of fossil fuels and in this it is exceptional. However there are some negative environmental and health impacts that shouldn't be overlooked.

Dams built for hydro electricity to power the aluminium smelting have had a negative environmental impact, see for example the Saving Iceland page on Kárahnjúkar. Running data centres does not require as much power as aluminium and it is to be hoped that Iceland starts to move away from environmentally destructive industry and towards a cleaner greener future.

Also there is growing concerns about the hydrogen sulphide being released in to the biosphere in and around Reykjavík by the geothermal plant at Hellisheiði as "new studies by the University of Reykjavík indicate that the increased use of medicine for asthma and heart disease angina pectoris is directly linked to increased sulphur pollution."